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About nya.pub

Thank you for considering nya.pub as a home for your internet-connected server, website, or other project.

When I was trying to think of a creative URL for one of my Tumblr projects, I decided to purchase the nya.pub domain for this purpose. Since I don't really need much else from the rest of the domain, I decided to make it available to anyone using FreeDNS.

What does it cost you? Nothing, except you'll need an account (Starter accounts are free), and you'll need to abide by their terms.

If you encounter someone abusing this service in any way, please contact abuse@afraid.org - for any other questions or comments, please contact me: trdaisuke@nya.pub

Thanks, and I hope this service is useful to you.

Sincerely, trdaisuke.

.pub Top-Level Domain

Your subdomain will part of the .pub TLD, perfect if you want to capture the spirit of a lively pub, create a publication, or show that you are open to the public.

Cats Win the Internet

Nya is the sound a cat makes in Japanese, so a nya.pub subdomain can help you connect with an audience interested in Japanese anime, manga, or popular culture.

Powerful Technology Powered by FreeDNS

nya.pub shares the ability to create subdomains through FreeDNS, a dynamic DNS domain sharing project where members can setup, and administrate their DNS entries on their own remote internet connected systems in real time.